Welcome to A Glimpse of Aervyon

Welcome to A Glimpse of Aervyon

focused on weird behaviors in software, and dev discovery


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Not to mention some security bits, when I can.

Thanks for checkin' out my blog. Below you'll find out why this blog exists, what I'll be posting, and a little bit about me
... In other words

package main
import "fmt"

func main() {
    fmt.println('Hello World!')

Why a blog?

...Why not? Obviously "to post" but like, what's the actual reason here?
Well, to put it simply. I've wanted a blog since version 3 of my site, and now I have one. I wanted somewhere to post my discoveries, the "why" behind some of code, and just little tidbits I find out about security, games, and the like. Even though I am best classified as a junior developer.

What are these "discoveries?"

Well, they're mostly little nuances I pick up on in software, weird quirks, ways I think you should do xyz (like not using passwords for ssh in 2024). Although, the last one is just my opinion.

Take the following for example:

Folderr uses signed JWT tokens for its authentication, and so I made a bit of a code for foldcliviewable here that is supposed to work with jsonwebtoken, at least thats *my* understanding of this amount of crypto.

So, that is a little bit about why this blog exists.


Just who are you? Why should I trust you?

Well, I'm an undergraduate computer science student, and I've been developing software (mainly websites and APIs) for around 6 years, in my spare time. As to why you should trust me? That's up to you, you can go take a look at all of my public work on my github, you can ask the people I've worked with (if you can contact them), or you can contact me on Twitter. If you have a business inquiry you can email aervy@aervyon.com

*If you're still reading this wonder "hey what's a Folderr?" you can check out the Folderr github and Folderr's Docs